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Water Damage Restoration

Water can invade a building in many ways. Flooding, torrential roof leaks, and damage from burst pipes are some of the most common water-related issues that structures can suffer. If you’ve been left to deal with the aftermath of extra water in your basement or drips coming through your ceiling, Double D Contractors Inc. is the water damage restoration team you need.

With many years of experience in water damage restoration, we’re the company you need to return your home to its original condition. Prompt, professional, and transparent, we work quickly and confidently to make your water damage a distant memory.

Call us now to inspect any water damage and consult on your restoration. You can reach us at (516) 942-0210.

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Arguably worse than fire damage, water damage can be caused by a multitude of sources and affects one in 10 homes in the United states. With major floods in the double digits and smaller floods as caused by rain fall, improper maintenance, or burst pipes occurring in the millions, it’s important to have a water damage restoration company on call that you can rely on.

At Double D Contractors Inc., our aim is to provide just that.

Experiencing water buildup in your basement will ruin your day, or even your week, and is one of the most stressful situations a homeowner can be in. Don’t make it any worse by delaying a call to restoration services.

Potential Damages of a Flood

Flooding costs United States citizens over $8 billion per year, and can cause injury and even death. For something that can occur anywhere with extensive rainfall, it’s not to be taken lightly.

We recommend calling Double D Contractors Inc. in the case of any flooding, but if you have attempted to dry your basement out on your own, look out for the following symptoms meaning further damage has occurred.

  • Cracks in walls
  • Visible foundation movement
  • Sloping floors
  • Doors and windows sticking or not closing

Flood damage seeps into the most unexpected places, and because of this, it is important to hire a professional who can assess the situation accurately.

Assessing Properly

While each restoration is unique, similar assessment techniques are used.

  • Assess visually.
  • Extract water as quickly as possible.
  • Dry out the room.
  • Re-assess more carefully with the water out of the way.
  • Provide an estimate for potential reconstruction costs.

When you hire professional water restoration services, you will get detailed and efficient quality workmanship that will set your home up to survive future flood emergencies.


After assessing the situation and surveying the scene, the first step is to remove any extra water and completely dry out your structure. There’s little use rebuilding over wet drywall or rotten studs, so we’ll first eliminate every drop of moisture from the damaged area.

No soggy towels or water-logged mops—we use industrial-grade equipment to suck up water and dispose of it elsewhere. From water vacuums to dehumidifiers, we come with the best machines to remove any water before beginning repairs.

The Reason for Flooding

Flooding can occur for many reasons, some that are preventable and some that come out of nowhere. In older homes especially, even if they have not flooded for many years, they can become unpredictable and start at any time.

Your home may flood for any of the following reasons, all of which Double D Contractors Inc. is equipped to deal with.

Build location

If your lot was not graded properly and your home is at the bottom of a hilly location, water will flow in your direction


A foundation that was sealed improperly or has grown to be this way over the years will welcome water seepage.


Unfortunately, pipes can age and also explode, resulting in unexpected and sudden flooding.


If you’ve had your basement flood, simply removing the water isn’t a long-term solution to the problem. Without substantial repairs, your basement may simply re-flood the next time your area experiences heavy rainfall. Fortunately, Double D Contractors Inc. is prepared to offer you long-lasting, robust repairs to fix your damage and bolster your basement against future flooding.

When you call in our water damage repair team, we’ll provide a restoration that guards against future flooding as much as possible. We take great pride in the high quality of our craftsmanship and the seamlessness of our repairs. Our work smooths over the areas where water has wrecked your drywall, flooring, or detailing, returning your space to the comfortable, protected area it was before the flooding.

Put flooding behind you quickly and easily with our talented team. We’re a water damage restoration company ready to serve your needs and help you recover from the stress of water damage.


Mold is the substance that all building owners dread. Hazardous to your healthy and difficult to eradicate, mold can be one of the worst outcomes of water damage to your property. That’s why it’s so important to work with a professional who has experience dealing with the aftermath of water damage. We’ll ensure that no mold has appeared in your home and do everything possible to prevent the conditions that would allow it to grow.

When water has penetrated your home, act fast to prevent mold growth. Call our team of water damage restoration experts in at the earliest opportunity to prevent worse damage down the road.

On Call When You Need Us

Double D Contractors Inc. is a full-service water damage restoration company, and as such, we are available at all times an emergency could occur—which is at any given moment.

Call us the moment you notice water coming into your basement, or what you may think is water damage and we’ll fix it up for you the same day!

Our team can be reached anytime at (516) 942-0210. We look forward to working with you on your water damage restoration project.

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