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Porch Additions Replacements

When you want a porch that’s sturdier, more spacious, more attractive—or all of the above—the professionals at Double D Contractors Inc. are here for you. When it comes to planning and installing perfect porch addition replacements, there’s no one quite like us.

We promise quick turnarounds, access to the finest materials, and new porches that stand the test of time. Consider us the team to call when the time comes. Our phone number is (516) 942-0210, and we can’t wait to serve you.

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Replacing Front Porch Additions

Front porch additions are a popular home improvement project for homeowners looking to add value and curb appeal to their property. A front porch can enhance the appearance of a home, provide a space for outdoor relaxation and entertaining friends and family, and offer protection from the elements. Additionally, a well-designed front porch can improve the energy efficiency of a home by blocking the sun's rays and reducing heat gain during hot weather.

Over time, your existing front porch can lose its luster. Two of the most common reasons are damage from weather or age.

Some of the most common porch problems we address include fixing:

  • Rotting wood
  • Rusted metal
  • Cracked concrete
  • …and much more!

A front porch may need to be replaced if it is poorly constructed to begin with, which can lead to structural issues and safety concerns.

Thankfully, we’re always here to replace your porch addition. Our porch contractors have the experience and equipment needed to do away with your dilapidated and outdated porch with care. Alongside our valued porch construction services, we also offer a customer experience like no other.

Be sure to expect:

  • Up-front estimates on services
  • Access to suitable construction materials
  • Flexible scheduling options for construction
  • …and more

Have The Porch You Want

Sometimes the porch you have is not the porch that you want. In times such as those, we’re here to help you. More than by-the-book builders, we’re also skilled in the art of new porch design. We want to give you a porch that feels like your own for years and years to come. We go about this by offering in-depth consultations.

What type of porch would you like to replace the existing one with? Do you want a screened porch? Would you like something in the portico style? Bring your ideas to us. We’ll bring the ideas to life.

About Our Porch Contractors’ Approach

Once the porch design has been finalized, we might have to seek out permits. We’re always eager to help our clients secure the permits they need for construction. Here, we consider it part of our customer service model.

After doing so, we dismantle the existing porch. Depending on the plans for your new residential porch, there could be a need to perform extensive site preparation. Rest assured, we carry out this work with ease. Preparing your property for a new porch installation may involve clearing vegetation, removing any existing structures, and leveling the ground.

Then, our local construction experts will get to work:

  • Building the foundation
  • Constructing the frame
  • Installing roof and flooring
  • Installing railings and columns
  • Inspecting our work

Contact our team to learn more about the processes we’ll employ to build the porch you’ve always wanted.

Replacing Added Front Porches with Care

Double D Contractors Inc. offers quality porch addition replacements. Our goal is to provide homeowners with a space to enjoy and relax outdoors. The expert contractors at our business always ensure we abide by the latest construction codes and regulations when recreating your dream porch.

We are proud to be licensed, insured, bonded, and certified for a safe and sound porch addition replacement to your property. At Double D Contractors Inc., we believe that adding a sturdy and functional porch to your home is an ideal way to enhance overall property value and curb appeal.

If you are looking for a porch addition replacement, look no further. Double D Contractors Inc. is here to attend to your needs satisfactorily. Call us at (516) 942-0210 now to speak to our dedicated customer service team and find out how we can execute your vision.

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Sustainable Replacements for Your Porch

We’re always investing in continued education, so our crew is up to date on their building code. Our commitment is to build you a porch that stands the test of time. We are committed to providing comfort and safety to our customers with a porch they can enjoy for years to come. Let us replace your porch adequately so you can enjoy a functional space that adds livable space to your home.

At Double D Contractors Inc., we only use high-quality materials and supplies to rebuild your porch. Our stringent industry standards ensure your porch is sustainable and cost-efficient at the same time. Our seasoned team is experienced at replacing porch additions with precision. Your style and standards will be matched with our redesign for a satisfactory build that will leave you enthralled.

Porch Additions That Increase Your Investment Value

We don’t believe you should choose between a functional and a visually appealing porch. Our crew is adept at combining both to replace your porch addition. With our experts on your project, your outdoor living space will be the stuff of envy in your neighborhood.

Our crew can promise you total commitment when you call us for a porch replacement. From planning and execution to finishing touches, we promise flawless operations to achieve stunning results. When we are done with your porch addition replacement, you can rest assured that the real estate value for your home has increased multifold.

Experienced Porch Build Contractors at Your Disposal

At Double D Contractors Inc., our contractors strive to offer exemplary services with every job we do. We believe that you deserve only the best and ensure our work reflects our principles. Every contractor in our crew is rigorously trained to provide value-added services that satisfy your every need.

Boasting years of experience in porch addition replacement, we have honed our services to be a well-oiled machine on your project. We know the ins and outs of porch replacements. Our industry know-how enables us to construct your porch with superior aptitude and acumen.

Enlist our industry experts for your porch addition replacement so you won’t have to worry about subpar results. Our past projects speak for themselves. Call (516) 942-0210 to have our customer care team attend to you now.

Porch Additions Replacements

Long Island Porch Contractor

Are you looking to replace your old, cramped front porch or wanting to add a new porch to your Long Island home? Double D Contractors, Inc. is an experienced local Long Island porch contractor. We work personally with every client to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our porch building services.

If you can dream it, we can make it happen, including helping you apply for the necessary permits needed to get started. Get in touch with our licensed team by phoning (516) 942-0210 to set up a no-risk consultation.

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Thinking of Adding a Front Porch to Your House?

With the hot summer days and cool summer nights approaching, it’s easy to imagine the time you could be spending outdoors. When the air gets warmer, you're truly missing out if you don’t have a porch on your property. It’s a fantastic way to spend time in the open air with friends and family, or by yourself, as you soak in the sunshine and appreciate the nice weather.

Expand your living space and enjoy your property to the fullest by adding a front or back porch to your house. Our porch designers are seasoned professionals who can assist you in choosing the best structural components and materials to match your vision.

Not sure exactly what you would like? Sit down with us to discuss your goals, and we'll align you with a design that meets your high expectations and respects your budget and timeline.


At Double D Contractors Inc., our top priority is to build solid, stable porches that help you enjoy the outdoors. What’s more, we do it on a quick timeline and at a competitive rate. We accomplish this through our commitment to hiring the best porch builders and contractors in the business.

We ensure that every team member is driven by the desire to provide unique structures to our clients. Our contractors are trained in the best porch building methods and are prepared to use all the necessary equipment. We screen every employee to check that they have a history of providing successful construction and contracting work before we hire them—this guarantees that experienced and professional builders will work on every job we undertake.

When you need a porch addition or replacement, get the builders with a history of excellence at Double D Contractors Inc.. Reach out to us at (516) 942-0210 to book a consultation and get started!

Streamlined Porch Construction

As seasoned porch construction experts, we are confident we can bring your goals to life. To do this, we employ a hand-selected team of licensed and insured construction experts, and we supply them with all the advanced tools and high-quality building materials they need to produce exceptional finished results.

We work carefully to ensure safety measures are always in place during the construction process, and the rest of your property and neighborhood are respected. When you become our building partners, we guarantee:

  • Comprehensive and transparent estimates
  • Meticulous craftsmanship
  • Open communication
  • Prompt and friendly service
  • An attractive finished product
  • Added value to your property

We're looking forward to helping you create the home atmosphere you've always wanted. Connect with us to set up an appointment to discuss the details.

Custom Porches

There are many ways to enhance your house’s exterior, but your porch most reflects how you want to spend time outside. Are you looking for a quiet and cozy outdoor space? Do you need lots of room for little ones to play? Not every home or property has the same capabilities for porches, which is why at Double D Contractors Inc., we ensure that we’re always making the most of the space you have by providing you with custom porch solutions.

Create something special and significantly boost your curb appeal when you invest in a custom porch that meets all your needs, wants, and desires.

Would you like special seating like a porch swing, a screened-in area, or planters for flowers included in your design? The possibilities are practically endless when you choose our skilled technicians.

Experts in Affordable Porch Repair

Repairing wooden porches is another one of our areas of expertise. If you have an aging porch that could use some love, allow us to transform it into a comfortable space that meets your needs. Some of our most requested porch repair services include:

  • Repairing porch railings
  • Replacing broken or rotten planks
  • Replacing porch steps
  • Re-screening porches
  • And much more

Don't hesitate to reach out to us to explore cost savings on the prompt repairs you need to keep your home safe and looking good all year round.

Porch Replacements

Need a full or partial porch replacement? If your current porch is not cutting it, and you are afraid someone may get injured using it, you've come to the right place. We specialize in porch replacements of every size and shape. The following is just a small sample of some of the work we can do for you:

  • Porch column replacement
  • Porch railing replacement
  • Removing and replacing damaged porch screens
  • Porch structural repair and replacement

Connect with our team to discover actionable solutions that will allow you to take pride in and enjoy every aspect of your revitalized space. Phone us now to get started.


When you’re looking for a new porch or a porch replacement, we know it can be tough to find a company that’ll do everything the way you want it. Some contractors apply a one-size-fits-all approach to porch building or don’t have the skills to accommodate your requests. At Double D Contractors Inc., we take every opportunity to tailor every porch design to the client and the property.

We’re here to help you optimize your outdoor space with a porch that suits your needs perfectly. Not all contractors will work with you to design and construct the perfect structure, but we will.

We start every project with a detailed consultation to ensure we can keep track of everything you’re looking for. When designing and planning your porch, every spatial requirement, timeline need, and budgetary consideration is considered. We also work with you to optimize your porch for the function it will serve, including hosting parties, attaching to pools, or cooking outside. There are so many ways to use a new porch, and we want you to bring your ideas to the table and have them heard.

Get the most out of your new porch by ensuring it’s exactly what you want. Call (516) 942-0210 to set up a consultation with your porch building experts and get a porch that works for you.

Hire a Local Porch Builder

At Double D Contractors Inc., we take great pride in providing our local community with exceptional porch builder services. No project is too big or too small for us to take on.

Our no-obligation consultation and estimation process allow you to compare rates and get the best deals in the city. Call us at (516) 942-0210 to book an appointment.

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